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This website presents SAP configuration tips and explanations which are not immediately or easily available elsewhere.   There are articles (whitepapers) and guidelines on topics which in my experience both as a Big 6 consultant and as an SAP trainer are usually

  • unknown or unclear to the new configurer or
  • not fully documented (in my opinion) in the SAP system, or
  • by virtue of their 'integration' nature are not easily understood when working within one module, or 
  • perhaps presented in too general a context, and require some business examples to clarify the possibilities.

Often I have tried to describe in simple terms an area about which I often receive questions and which often seems to daunt people.  The aim is to improve your confidence in tackling something new.

What it is not:

This is not intended to be a discussion or question/answer forum.  If you are looking for such a forum to log a question, please go to the Web sites I have included on the SAPLinks page.  

It is not a detailed "every step of the way type" manual but a guide with hints on selected topics.  I assume you can "engage your brain", look at the screen in front of you, explore the menu options and push button, and if some thing looks like what I am talking about, then try it - it is probably right!

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SAPScene - SAP R/3 Configuration

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Target Audiences:

  • Key Users and Configurers who are still learning SAP R/3,
  • Configurers who are coming from another module and need to know a bit of the FI/CO area or perhaps have not yet seen the big picture as far as integration goes
  • Configurers who lack the business or accounting background to understand the possibilities or ramifications
  • Project Managers without SAP experience who want to develop a broad understanding of the product with a sneak peak into some of the complex areas and understand why they are complex

How to navigate through SAPScene:

The topics are logically grouped by primary classification.  Because of the integrated nature of the system there are often cross-over areas to which I have provided hyperlinks at the logical places. Use the back button on your browser to get back to where you came from if following "integration" hyperlinks and have got lost

Problems in implementing tips?:

You may find that you do not have access to use or implement some of hints and tips.  However now that you know it is possible you can put a request through to IT Security or the project and suggest that perhaps it may be a good idea to let people of your ilk (wtmb!) have access to the functionality since it will make your enjoyment greater, your use of the system more efficient and improve the quality of life in general!
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